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Sexual Health

We know that sexual health is one of the fundamentals of a happy life. It may affect your self-esteem, partnership, and general feeling. You deserve to have solutions that work, that are safe, and that you find comfortable if you are experiencing sexual dysfunction.

That is why we have a choice of very modern, non-surgical methods that will get you back to sexual pleasure and satisfaction. We believe that all people have the right to have an enjoyable and satisfying sex life, and we are here to support you as you make your way.

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Your Options for

Sexual Treatment


GAINSWave offers a revolutionary approach to treating erectile dysfunction (ED) using low-intensity sound waves.  This non-invasive therapy tackles the root cause of ED—poor blood flow—to help men regain a satisfying sexual life.

How Does GAINSWave Work?

GAINSWave employs a non-invasive shockwave therapy method, which uses low-intensity sound waves delivered through a handheld applicator to the penis. These waves trigger a cascade of beneficial effects:

  • Enhanced Blood Flow

The sound waves are responsible for the development of new blood vessels in the penis which in turn lead to substantial and healthy blood circulation. This increased blood flow is crucial to attaining and maintaining an erection. GAINSWave therapy also provides the advantage of using existing blood vessels. The soundwaves can help to break up microplaque built up in such vessels, which may be responsible for restricting blood flow. Better blood supply across the penis generates a more exaggerated and rigid erection.

  • Improved Tissue Function

GAINSWave therapy is not only about blood flow. The sound waves are also known to interact with the tissues in the penis, thereby encouraging the production of collagen as well as other important cellular components. This is a way of regenerating the existing erectile tissue, making erections harder and longer-lasting. Moreover, the GAINSWave therapy may stimulate the growth of new nerve cells in the penis resulting in improved sexual sensation and general sexual function.

Benefits of GAINSWave Therapy

  • Effective Treatment for ED

Clinical studies have shown that GAINSWave therapy is a successful treatment for ED, offering relief to a significant number of men with difficulties in attaining or keeping erections. The reported success rates range from one person to another depending on the severity of the ED and other factors, but many men usually see a noticeable improvement in their erectile function after GAINSWave treatment.

  • Non-invasive and Painless

In contrast to other ED treatments that include medications, injections, or implants, GAINSWave provides a considerable advantage. The method is completely non-invasive, therefore there are no needles, anesthesia, or surgery involved. The sound waves used in the treatment usually are of low intensity, causing minimal to no discomfort.

  • Minimal Downtime

Another advantage of GAINSWave therapy is its convenience. There is no time loss after the treatment session. You can get up and go about your day as usual, which makes it convenient to fit GAINSWave into your busy life.

  • Improved Sexual Performance

By targeting the root cause of poor blood flow and encouraging the penis tissue to regenerate, GAINSWave therapy can result in a wide spectrum of improvements in sexual performance. Men may get harder erections with better rigidity and more endurance for sex. Besides, some men claim to have increased sexual sensation as a result of the possibility of stimulating the nerve cells in the penis.

Who is a Candidate for GAINSWave?

GAINSWave is a suitable option for men experiencing:

  • Difficulty achieving an erection
  • Inability to maintain an erection
  • Less firm erections
  • Decreased sexual stamina


Femiwave presents an innovative concept to improve women’s sexual health and happiness. This non-invasive treatment uses low-intensity sound waves to regenerate the vaginal tissues, which in turn can produce a range of positive outcomes, including increased blood flow, enhanced sexual sensation, and even relief from sexual dysfunction.

How Does Femiwave Work?

Femiwave utilizes a handheld applicator to deliver pulses of gentle sound waves to the outer and inner labia. These waves trigger a cascade of positive effects within the vaginal tissue:

  • Enhanced blood flow

Just like GAINSWave for men, Femiwave therapy promotes the development of new blood vessels in the vagina. This boosts blood flow, which is vital for lubrication, sexual arousal, and sexual functioning in general.

  • Tissue regeneration

The sound waves influence the tissues by promoting the production of collagen and other necessary cellular components. This may facilitate the restoration of existing tissues, therefore, resulting in greater elasticity and firmness of the vaginal walls.

  • Increased sensitivity

This therapy might be able to stimulate nerve endings present in the vagina and could enhance sexual sensation as well as make orgasms more attainable.

Benefits of Femiwave Therapy

  • Improved sexual function

By addressing the underlying causes of sexual dysfunction like poor blood flow and decreased tissue elasticity, Femiwave can significantly improve overall sexual function. Women may experience increased lubrication, heightened sexual arousal, and potentially more satisfying orgasms.

  • Non-invasive and painless

Femiwave offers a significant advantage over some traditional methods of treating sexual dysfunction. There are no needles, medications, or surgery involved in the procedure. The soundwaves used are low-intensity and generally well-tolerated, causing minimal to no discomfort.

  • Safe and effective

Clinical studies suggest that Femiwave therapy can be a safe and effective approach to improving sexual health in women. Many women report experiencing positive improvements in their sexual function and overall satisfaction after undergoing Femiwave treatment.

  • Minimal downtime

Another benefit of Femiwave is its convenience. There is no downtime required after the treatment session. You can resume your daily activities right away, allowing for easy integration into your busy life.

  • Relief from sexual dysfunction symptoms

Femiwave may be helpful for women experiencing various sexual dysfunction issues, including:

  • Low libido (decreased sexual desire)
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Difficulty achieving orgasm
  • Painful intercourse (in some cases)

Ideal Candidates for Femiwave Therapy?

Femiwave is a suitable option for women who desire to:

  • Improve their overall sexual satisfaction
  • Increase lubrication and heighten sexual sensation
  • Address symptoms of sexual dysfunction
  • Rejuvenate vaginal tissues and improve elasticity

P shot

The P-Shot stands for Priapus Shot, named after the Greek god of fertility associated with male genitalia. This innovative procedure leverages platelet-rich plasma (PRP), a concentration of powerful growth factors derived from your own blood. PRP has gained significant attention in the field of regenerative medicine for its ability to promote healing and tissue repair in various parts of the body. In the context of men’s sexual health, the P-Shot harnesses the potential of PRP to rejuvenate penile tissues, potentially leading to improved erectile function, enhanced sensation, and a more fulfilling sexual experience.

Benefits of the P-Shot

  • Improved erectile function

By addressing underlying issues like poor blood flow and damaged tissues, the P-Shot can significantly enhance erectile function. Men may experience firmer erections with increased rigidity and a greater ability to achieve and maintain them. This can lead to greater sexual confidence and improved overall satisfaction in the bedroom.

  • Enhanced sexual pleasure

Increased blood flow and potentially heightened nerve sensitivity due to PRP therapy can lead to a more pleasurable sexual experience. Men may experience increased sensation in the penis, glans, and shaft, making sexual activity more stimulating and enjoyable. Additionally, some men report experiencing more intense and satisfying orgasms as a result of the P-Shot.

  • Natural approach

The P-Shot utilizes your own body’s healing elements, offering a natural and biocompatible approach to improving sexual health. This can be appealing to men who are hesitant about medications or surgical procedures with potential side effects.

  • Minimally invasive

The procedure is minimally invasive, involving only a small needle and local anesthetic. There is minimal downtime, allowing patients to resume daily activities quickly. This convenience makes the P-Shot an attractive option for men seeking a discreet and time-efficient way to improve their sexual health.

Potential Applications of the P-Shot

The P-Shot is a suitable option for men experiencing:

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Peyronie’s disease (curvature of the penis)
  • Age-related decline in sexual function
  • Desire to enhance sexual performance and pleasure

O shot

The O-Shot, also known as the Orgasm Shot, is a non-surgical procedure that has emerged as a promising option in the field of women’s sexual health. It harnesses the remarkable regenerative potential within your own body to enhance sexual function and satisfaction. Unlike medications or devices that address symptoms superficially, the O-Shot works by stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms to create lasting improvements.

The key player in the O-Shot is Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). PRP is a concentration of platelets, the clotting factors in your blood, that are chock-full of growth factors. These growth factors are like cellular messengers, carrying vital instructions that stimulate nearby cells to jump into action. They orchestrate a symphony of repair and renewal, encouraging the growth of new tissue, the strengthening of existing structures, and the creation of new blood vessels. Think of them as tiny taskmasters, urging the cells in the targeted area to ramp up the production of collagen, elastin, and other building blocks that contribute to healthy, functional tissue.

In the context of the O-Shot, PRP is extracted from a small blood sample drawn during the procedure itself. The blood is then processed in a centrifuge, a machine that spins the blood at high speeds to separate the PRP from red blood cells and other components. The resulting PRP is a concentrated solution rich in platelets and their precious cargo of growth factors.

These growth factors, once injected into the targeted areas of the vulva and vagina, are believed to trigger a cascade of beneficial effects:

  • Enhanced blood flow

Growth factors can stimulate the dilation of existing blood vessels and even the formation of new ones. This improved blood flow brings a surge of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, leading to heightened sensitivity and a more arousing response to touch.

  • Collagen boost

Collagen is a protein that provides structure and elasticity to the skin and underlying tissues. Certain growth factors in PRP can stimulate the production of new collagen, leading to plumper, firmer tissues in the vaginal area. This can improve the overall health and appearance of the vulva and vagina, and may also contribute to a more pleasurable sexual experience.

  • Tissue regeneration

PRP may also promote the regeneration of nerves and other tissues in the injected areas. This can lead to increased sensitivity and a more intense response to sexual stimulation.

The combined effects of these processes can translate to a significant improvement in sexual function. Women who undergo the O-Shot often report:

  • Enhanced arousal

The increased blood flow and heightened sensitivity can make it easier to become aroused and achieve a state of heightened sexual excitement.

  • Stronger orgasms

The improved blood flow and tissue health can lead to more intense and satisfying orgasms.

  • Reduced discomfort

The O-Shot may also help alleviate pain during intercourse, particularly for women experiencing vaginal dryness or atrophy (thinning of vaginal tissues).

  • Improved libido

By addressing underlying issues that contribute to low desire, like vaginal dryness or lack of lubrication, the O-Shot can lead to a more natural and healthy libido

Penile girth enlargement

Our array of solutions for your penile girth anxiety ensures you have a more satisfying sexual experience. We can talk about the various available features during a consultation to find the best one that meets your needs and goals.

Why Choose Vanishing Ink?

Comfort and Privacy

We acknowledge that talking about sexual health issues might be delicate. We design an atmosphere of warmth and comfort where you can easily open up while chatting with us during the consultation and treatment. Our trained personnel will guarantee all conversations are private.

Long-lasting Results

Many of the sexual health treatments we offer produce long-lasting results, thus giving you the ability to relish the results of your treatment for a longer period. We will also go through the strategies that will allow you to keep these results and improve your sexual health. It may include advice for in-home exercises, diet modifications, or lifestyle changes that will support your sexual health and well-being.

Non-surgical Solutions

We provide a wide range of non-invasive treatments, making the recovery time and pain levels far less than those who opt for surgery. That enables you to come back to your everyday life smoothly and quietly.

Discreet and Convenient Appointments

We know that your time is valuable. We offer flexible appointments at times that are convenient for you and strive for confidentiality during your treatment journey. Our scheduling and billing processes are set up with the utmost respect for your privacy and confidentiality.

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