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Chemical Peel

Experience a radiant transformation with our transformative chemical peel treatments.

Chemical Peel at Vanishing Ink

Experience a radiant transformation with our transformative chemical peel treatments.

Do you wish for skin that glows like the morning sun? Unfortunately, sun damage, pollution, and aging may take your skin’s natural glow, making it dull, uneven, and with some fine lines.

But there’s hope! We offer you a customized chemical peel, which is aimed to your individual needs, and thus helps you achieve a clearer, brighter, and younger-looking skin.

Chemical peels are a powerful way to give your skin new life. Here’s how they can help:Chemical peels are a multifaceted treatment that can be tailored to your needs. We will with you to decide the right peel strength and type that will help you to get the desired outcome.

  • This is an amazing place with staff that genuinely cares for each person! Great service! Great prices!

    Coral Griswold Avatar Coral Griswold
    October 26, 2023

    I had the pleasure of visiting Vanishing Ink Med Spa for a facial this past weekend. From the moment I arrived, I was greeted warmly and made to feel comfortable.... read more

    Anaya Ochoa Avatar Anaya Ochoa
    March 26, 2023
  • Priscilla was absolutely wonderful! She made me feel so relaxed that when the facial was over I didn’t want to leave 🤭 It’s been 6 days now since my facial... read more

    Irene Nevarez Avatar Irene Nevarez
    March 26, 2023

    I highly recommend Priscilla she always out does herself on my facial Awesome Job Again Loving it !!!

    Rebecca Mendoza Avatar Rebecca Mendoza
    February 26, 2024
  • Ran is terrific and always follows up after doing a procedure. I’ve had procedures done at other spas but she’s the best!

    Alice Kraft Avatar Alice Kraft
    November 26, 2023

    Dr Ran McBryde was incredibly informative, honest and caring during my visit to this place. She took time to answer all my questions in detail before my first visit. Dr... read more

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    December 26, 2023
  • Dr Ran McBryde is very knowledgeable, caring, kind, flexible, and willing to take the time needed to explain procedures thoroughly. The entire experience at the center was very relaxing, comfortable,... read more

    Jonathan Manson Avatar Jonathan Manson
    August 26, 2023

    I so love my results from the Unicorn facial and threads at Vanishing Ink Medspa. Ran, the Clinician, explained everything I was to expect and was so patient with my... read more

    Laila Papin Avatar Laila Papin
    April 26, 2023
  • Ran is the best! She will honestly tell you what you need based on your goals. I had concerns based off other med spa experiences and she was able to... read more

    Cassandra Blair Avatar Cassandra Blair
    February 26, 2024

    Getting my unwanted tattoos removed took very little time especially with the welcoming staff members being so engaged throughout the process. This is definitely a luxurious place to get some... read more

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    October 26, 2023

Choose from our

Chemical Peel

Reversed Peel/ Unicorn facial

Inverted Peel / Unicorn Facial

Delicate exfoliation facials employ a gentle concoction of products that offer visible improvement without causing damage. They contain:

  • Fruit enzymes

Such enzymes, which occur naturally, work to get rid of dead skin cells sitting on the surface of the skin. This leads to faster cell turnover and gives a more even skin tone in the end. Examples of fruit enzymes commonly used in facials include pineapple, papaya, and pumpkin enzymes.

  • Lactic acid

Lactic acid, as an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), provides gentle skin peeling. This is because it helps to detach the bonds between dead skin cells, which in turn are easily removed, consequently leading to even skin tone and texture. Lactic acid is usually well-tolerated, therefore, it is a good option for people with sensitive skin who cannot tolerate harsher AHAs like glycolic acid.

  • Antioxidants

These potent ingredients scrub free radicals, unstable molecules that harm skin cells and contribute to the signs of aging. Antioxidants can be added to the composition of the facial treatment to protect the skin against future damage and for a healthy and radiant appearance. Some of the common antioxidant ingredients in facial masks include vitamin C, green tea extract, and resveratrol.

Benefits of Gentle Exfoliation Facials

Here’s what you can expect to experience with a gentle exfoliation facial:

  • Radiant and even skin tone

These facials peel off dead skin cells, resulting in a more radiant, smooth, and even skin tone.

  • Smoother skin texture

Exfoliation is useful for evening out the skin and reducing the visibility of fine wrinkles.

  • Reduced appearance of pores

Gentle exfoliation is one of the ways to clear your pores, which in turn minimizes their visibility.

  • Enhanced product penetration

The top layer of dead skin cells is removed by these facials. This way, skin care products can penetrate more deeply leading to their maximum efficiency.

  • Little downtime

Gentle facial peels are usually well-tolerated and involve little or no recovery. You might develop a mild redness or temporary sensitivity after the treatment but these are usually short-lived.

  • Suitable for beginners and sensitive skin

Because of their tender nature, these facials are a great option for newcomers to professional skincare treatments and for those with sensitive skin that cannot take harsher scrubbing methods.

The “Unicorn Facial” is a widely regarded light peel facial. It harnesses the power of fruit enzymes, lactic acid, and antioxidants for that glowing appearance and rejuvenated skin. This type of facial is ideal for those looking for slight yet noticeable results without skin irritation, which is common in many aggressive exfoliation treatments.

Glycolic peel

  • mentation

Glycolic acid is an agent that assists skin exfoliation and thus helps in getting rid of sunspots and age spots. These cell divisions result in the production of new, evenly colored cells which in turn creates a more even skin tone.

  • Acne Treatment

Glycolic acid can be very useful in controlling the increase in sebum and reducing the congestion of pores, which are very important in the development of acne. Moreover, it may contribute to liquefying existing comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) that would then be possible to extract effectively.

  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles

The glycolic acid peel, for instance, may help stimulate collagen production, which is a protein that is pivotal in the maintenance of firmness and elasticity of skin. A reduction of these issues contributes to the elimination of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, which gives you a smoother and younger appearance.

  • Oily Skin

Glycolic acid is a very effective agent in regulating the excessive oil production that primarily happens on oily skin. This can be achieved through regulating excess oil and thereby minimizing shine and the irruption of inflammation.

Benefits of Glycolic Acid Peels

  • Improved skin tone and clarity

Glycolic acid peels, by eliminating dead skin cells and enhancing cell turnover rate, give the skin a brighter appearance and an evenly balanced tone. This exfoliation process is also one of the ways to reduce the visible enlarged pores which on their own may result in a dull outcome. One of the biggest benefits of glycolic acid peels is that they yield a smoother and more radiant complexion in the long run.

  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Glycolic acid peel treatment results in increased production and deposition of collagen within the skin, which in turn naturally smoothens the skin and reduces the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen is a protein that lends the skin structure and support, and as we age, the amount of it produced by our body reduces naturally.

  • Minimized acne breakouts

Glycolic acid is one of the most powerful agents that can be used against acne, and it helps to beat acne in various ways. For one thing, they allow to regulate the flow of sebum, which may be the main cause of clogged pores and excess sebum production. On the other hand, the exfoliating effect of glycolic acid helps avoid pores being blocked by the accumulation of dead skin cells and particles or keratosis pilaris, which can breed bacteria and cause acne. Lastly, glycolic acid can work towards the reduction of flare-ups by possessing an anti-inflammatory function, something that can help to calm present acne and lessen the overall redness associated with acne.

  • Enhanced product penetration

The process of exfoliation using a glycolic acid peel removes dead skin cell buildups on the surface of the skin, thus removing that obstructive barrier. This reduces skin pores and permits skincare products to penetrate deeper into the derma, where they can function best. Whether you use moisturizers, serums, or other topical treatments, a glycolic acid peel can assist you in maximizing the benefits of those products for your skin.

  • Radiant and smoother skin

Suitable after-peal care will be a success factor providing the best results and lessening any probable drawbacks of glycolic acid peel. Generally, this means that as a rule, you should commit to using delicate skincare products, protect your skin from the sun with a broad-spectrum sunscreen, and be sure to stay hydrated.

Which peel treatment will be best for you?

What Makes Us the Best Choice for Chemical Peel Treatment?

Expert Consultation

Our qualified estheticians will take a holistic approach to your skin history, current skin problems, and cosmetic aspirations. During the consultation, a trained professional will examine your skin, sensitivity, and existing skin conditions to recommend the right peel for you depending on your desired outcomes. This individualized approach guarantees a tailor-made, efficient, and safe treatment that targets your exact needs without causing irritation or excess downtime.

Personalized Approach

We are committed to providing personalized services to match your specific requirements. We provide different depths and formulations of peels, targeting fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring, uneven skin tone, sun damage, and enlarged pores. Together we will work out a personalized treatment plan that will give you the best possible results and move you closer to the skin you want to have.

Maximum Results, Minimal Downtime

We have one of the best medical-grade peels from well-known brands that are formulated to give optimal results while keeping recovery time minimal. Our estheticians are experienced in choosing the correct peel depth and aftercare program that will suit you, based on your skin type and the outcome you want. This will provide you with the comfort you need and keep the procedure smooth and fast. Furthermore, we will provide you with specific instructions for the post-peel period to maximize the results and minimize any potential side effects. Through close adherence to our instructions, you can ensure proper healing and take full advantage of the chemical peel treatment benefits.

Do you want to feel the change that can be done by chemical peels? Contact Vanishing Ink now to schedule your consultation and embark on the road to a radiant, rejuvenated complexion.

Start your journey to a renewed, radiant complexion.

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