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Your appearance gives you your identity. It defines you. It gives you your confidence. Looking good all the time makes people perceive you better. When it comes to the skin, little things are noticeable. And that’s why it seems hard to hide your skin concerns from people. It’s almost like they notice it on any little chance they get. You don’t have to feel low for a long time. 

Picture the surge of confidence that comes with your skin being as smooth as silk. You too can be free from dark patches, sunspots, and uneven texture. All those can be in your past and only be a part of your story. With a sleek and soft skin, you can confidently approach anyone you want or wear whatever you want without being scared of exposing bad-looking spots. 

Our Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatment, known as intense pulsed light therapy, can turn this dream into reality. At Vanishing Ink Med Spa, we can make you live your dream and be as confident as ever. Our cutting-edge technology goes beyond hair removal. It gently targets skin pigment issues such as hyperpigmentation (dark skin patches), vascular lesions, and sun damage with IPL therapy.

Our IPL Treatment

Makes Your Skin Smooth as Silk

Painlessly removing the unnecessary hairs attached to your skin without facing the consequences is a well-known benefit of IPL treatment. But for us at Vanishing Ink Med Spa, IPL treatment is more than that. Our comprehensive approach allows us to target multiple skin concerns, from destroying hair follicles to preventing hair from growing again. Here’s how our IPL treatment can influence you:

Skin transformation

Skin transformation

Our IPL treatment tackles the root cause of dark spots and uneven skin tone. Unwanted pigmentations in your skin absorb light energy, causing them to fade away, leaving behind smoother and even-toned skin gradually.

High self-confidence

Looking in the mirror and seeing a very new version of your skin can improve your social confidence. With our IPL treatment, you can leave your house without spending hours hiding your dark spots under makeup. You can leave your house feeling self-love, high self-confidence, and freedom, knowing your skin looks its best without plastic surgery.

Project a sense of self-care

With the newness of your skin, it will be quite obvious that you are making a good investment in yourself. This suggests to your peers that you are committed to self-care and maintaining a healthy appearance. It does not only show self-respect; it also becomes a source of inspiration to others to take their well-being seriously.

Reduced stress and frustration

Imagine the relief of waking up every morning without worrying about covering your dark spots or dealing with the irritation that comes with ingrown hairs. With our IPL treatment, you feel more relaxed and confident about your skin as the treated area becomes smoother and even-toned, reducing the risk of skin discoloration and reducing stress and frustration caused by mild sunburn and discoloration. As a bonus benefit, IPL hair removal can also help reduce stress and frustration by eliminating the need for constant shaving or waxing.

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A Deeper Look Into

What Our IPL Treatment Can Do

Here at Vanishing Ink Med Spa, we use IPL treatment to cure some skin concerns. We will show you two of the skin concerns our IPL treatment is focused on treating.


Hyperpigmentation is a skin concern that occurs when the skin produces excess melanin (the pigment responsible for your skin color). The excess melanin pigment expresses itself in various forms, including:

  • Sunspot: Some parts of your skin, like your face, hands, and arms, are more likely to be exposed to the sun than others. If you begin to notice brown spots around those areas, then you are experiencing sunspots.
  • Age spots: These spots are similar to sunspots. The difference is that the spots created are usually larger, and they appear much later in life. 
  • Melasma: This one is triggered by hormonal changes. It appears as patchy, brown, or grayish spots. It commonly appears on the cheeks, forehead, and upper lip. 

How Our IPL Targets Hyperpigmentation

Our IPL uses a broad wavelength spectrum to penetrate the skin. When the light is targeted at the affected areas of the skin, the melanin absorbs it. This absorption produces heat that selectively breaks down the hyperpigmentation cells without damaging the surrounding tissues. 

Your body’s immune system naturally expels the broken-down cells, which leads to a gradual cleansing of the blemishes. Also, the IPL treatment stimulates the release of collagen, which is responsible for skin rejuvenation. With those double benefits, IPL treatments clear the hyperpigmentation and make the skin even clearer. 

Benefits of IPL for Hyperpigmentation

  • Targeted treatment: Unlike harsh chemicals and abrasive scrubs, IPL treatment targets hyperpigmentation without harming the surrounding tissues. 
  • Gradual fading: After a series of IPL treatments, dark spots, and uneven patches fade gradually. This gradual fade allows for a natural-looking result. 
  • Long-lasting results: Our IPL treatment in Vanishing Ink Med Spa produces a long-lasting solution. When you take our advice and properly protect yourself from sun poisoning, you can enjoy an even-toned complexion for months to a few years. 
  • Safe and effective: IPL treatment is suitable for many skin types with little or no side effects. 

Vascular lesion

Vascular lesion occurs when the abnormal cluster of blood vessels becomes visible through the skin’s surface. They can manifest in different forms, which include:

  • Spider veins: These are small lines that can be visible in various colors (red, purple, or blue). They appear close to the very surface of the skin. They are most likely to appear on your face or your legs. Vascular lesion happens when tiny blood vessels dilate. 
  • Broken capillaries are similar to spider veins, but they’re quite smaller. They appear as red dots, mostly on the face and neck. These tiny blood vessels rupture near the skin’s surface. 
  • Port wine stains: unlike other stains we’ve listed above, this one is usually present from birth and appears as really large, flat, purple, or red birthmarks. It’s caused by wrongly formed blood vessels. 
  • Rosacea: This is a chronic skin condition with symptoms of facial redness, bumps, and visible blood vessels seen around the cheek and nose region. Although no one has identified its exact cause, it’s heavily linked with blood vessel issues. 

How Our IPL Targets Vascular Lesion

Our IPL treatment targets the hemoglobin within the blood vessels. The hemoglobin absorbs the broad spectrum of light emitted during the IPL technology treatment, a process known as selective photothermolysis. This absorption produces heat, also known as thermal energy, which causes thermal damage to the walls of the blood vessels. This damage leads to the collapse of the blood vessels. The collapsed blood vessel is later absorbed into the body over time leading to a significant reduction in the visibility of the vascular lesion, making IPL a highly effective clinical application for treating vascular lesions.

Benefits of IPL for Vascular Lesions

  • Targeted treatment: IPL treatment targets the hemoglobin without affecting the surrounding tissues. 
  • Non-invasive treatment: With IPL treatment, you can handle vascular lesions without surgery. Its downtime is minimal.
  • Gradual improvement: after the treatment, your skin appearance around the affected region gradually improves, allowing for a natural-looking result. 
  • Long-lasting result: After a series of treatments, the results obtained from our IPL treatment are long-lasting.

Why Choose

Our IPL Treatment Services?

When it comes to services that have to do with your body, you have to be painstakingly careful. A little mistake can mar you for life. So you can’t gamble your choices. But, with Vanishing Ink Med Spa, you don’t have to search further. Here are the reasons why you should choose us for your IPL treatment:

  • Expertise: At Vanishing Ink Med Spa, we have a team of well-trained and professional experts. They have advanced knowledge in dermatology and extensive experience in performing IPL treatments. 
  • State-of-the-art technology: We use advanced IPL devices to deliver precise and effective results. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures that the light energy is delivered accurately and safely to the treatment area.
  • Patient satisfaction: We prioritize patient satisfaction and strive to exceed our patients’ expectations. We aim to help you achieve your desired results and enhance your well-being.
  • Safety standards: We adhere to strict safety protocols and maintain the highest standards of patient care. Your safety and comfort are our top priorities, and we take every precaution to minimize any potential risks or side effects associated with IPL treatment.

By choosing Vanishing Ink Med Spa, you choose a team of professionals that has advanced technology at their disposal. We are dedicated to helping you achieve radiant and flawless skin.

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